Tidier, safer streets with digital regulations

Nivel enables cities to get the best out of shared micromobility
through smart, digital regulation.
on how to regulate with an impact, by putting the data to work.

Make cities tidier and safer with smart regulation of micromobilty. Shared scooters, bikes and mopeds are overcrowding streets and squares. While these micromobility services are a good attribution to existing transport options, the city needs to balance a limited resource, the public space.

Nivel delivers digital regulation tools that enable the city to control the usage of the public space.

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A snapshot from Bergen, Norway where the city regulates more than 3000 scooters from 7 different operators using the Nivel regulator.
The Digital Regulator Tool.
The Digital Regulator Tool analyzes real-time position data from the vehicles with dynamic algorithms, putting city administrations on top of micromobility and public space utilization from their desktops. Making cities tidier, safer and more accessible.
Diagram showing data flow.

Real time display of vehicles. Full control over all scooters. See all scooters or sort on operator or status. Instant updates from the real world through MDS Agency API.

Defining zones and policies. Draw zones easily and make policies for these zones, such as no parking, no driving or speed limitations. Changes in zones or policies can be pushed real time to operators or scheduled. Over the standardized protocol of MDS Policy API.

Regulating by fees or subsidizing. Regulate with strategic incentives. Fees and subsidizing is the smart engine of regulation. We calculate dynamic street rent for when and where the individual scooters are parked.  This can be used strategically to decrease the number of scooters in vulnerable areas, and is a milder form of regulation than extensive usage of no-parking areas.

Defining dedicated parking areas. Engineered for smart dedicated parking. With a user interface perfect for combining parking in designated areas and free floating in the same system.

Analytics to adjust regulations. Statistical overviews of scooter and street utilization, as an input to the city administration to adjust policies for desired impact.

Get our inputs on how to write good regulations.
An illustration of the web regulator tool that shows a map of the city of Bergen with specific information about the scooters that are in the selected zones.
We are MDS compliant. Mobility data specification from Open Mobility Foundation is established as the standard for data exchange between authorities and commercial operators within micromobility. We are MDS compliant and the first ones in Europe to implement the MDS Agency APl; the most robust solution for economic transactions, real-time control and high quality analysis.
The Parking Report Tool
Our app for reporting poor parking provides the last brick to control shared scooters. There is one version for the general public and one for regulatory authorities such as parking guards and police assuring useful metadata and reliability.
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Parking report data integrates neatly with our data platform and is provided to operators over an API. The report data can be used for increased insight on parking issues across different operators and to inform operators when action is needed. It can also manage sanctions (fees), or be used for messages to end user via operator's applications to make sure the users who parked poorly learn how to do it better. The app's privacy policy is available in English and Norwegian here.
Download the Feilparkering App
Illustrtaion of the regulator tool as an app for the mobile.
Parking Report Tool Feilparkering
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