We help cities regulate micromobility

We help cities regulate micromobility

We help cities regulate micromobility

Nivel enables cities to get the best out of shared micromobility 
through smart, digital regulation. 

No more poorly parked scooters in your city

Any citizen can send a photo and the location of a poorly parked scooter to the operator through the Nivel Poor Parking app. The app supports all operators, a powerful tool for citizens to keep streets tidy.

Let scooter operators fix parking violations

Save your own resources to fix poorly parked scooters. Scooter operators get notified about each violation and mobilise resources to fix them.

Track operators’ response time to violations

Analyse the time each operator spends to fix parking violations. Set clear incentives to fix them fast.

Tidy city centre with forced parking

The city can easily establish parking restrictions. When vehicles are only allowed to park in designated areas, the city becomes safer and tidier.

Parks and football fields free of scooters

Parks, football fields, and graveyards full of scooters? Define no-go zones for critical areas. The zones are forwarded to all operators. This saves cities a lot of communication effort with each operator.

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